The House of Bols Cocktail & Genever Experience

The House of Bols experience in Amsterdam is a unique and sensory journey into the world of cocktails, liqueurs, and the famous Dutch cocktail ingredient, Genever.

Whether you are a cocktail enthusiast, a history buff, or just looking for a unique experience, the House of Bols is a must-visit destination in Amsterdam. Visitors can experience the rich history and secrets of Lucas Bols, the oldest distilled spirit brand in the world, producing liqueurs in Amsterdam since 1575.

Celebrating over 440 years of Craftsmanship & Cocktail History.

~ Bols Cocktail & Genever

History of Bols Genever

For over 442 years, the Bols family has been at the forefront of the spirits industry, creating liqueurs and genever that have stood the test of time. It all began in 1575, when the family started distilling liqueurs in Amsterdam, with the first flavours being cumin, cardamom, and orange. The grandson of the Bols family, Lucas Bols, was instrumental in expanding the distillery into an international company during Amsterdam’s Golden Age in the 17th century.

Ingredients Book Owned & Used by Lucas Bols (1644)
Ingredients Book Owned & Used by Lucas Bols (1644)

Under his leadership, Lucas Bols became a major shareholder in the East India Trading Company, enabling him to create 300 different liqueur recipes from newly arrived herbs and spices. Today, the Bols liqueur range consists of over 45 flavours sold in over 110 countries across the globe, inspired by the innovation and craftsmanship of Lucas Bols.

In 1664, the Bols family started producing the famous Dutch spirit genever, quickly becoming a staple of Dutch culture. Bols Genever is made from long-fermented rye, corn, and wheat, triple distilled in copper pot stills, and blended with juniper and other botanical distillates, giving it a characteristic smooth and malty taste. This spirit has played an important role in the emergence of cocktail culture worldwide, with one in four cocktails based on Dutch genever, as evidenced by Jerry Thomas’s 1862 cocktail recipe book. Since 2008, Bols Genever from 1820 has been made available again in all major cocktail cities worldwide, making Bols the number one genever brand globally.

Throughout the years, product innovation has been key to the success of Lucas Bols, with the master distiller using the company’s rich heritage and history as inspiration for future creations. The Bols Bartending Academy, Europe’s largest bartending school, opened in 2007 in Amsterdam, providing inspiration and education to both bartenders and consumers.

The House of Bols Cocktail & Genever Experience opened in 2007 in the heart of Amsterdam, welcoming over 50,000 visitors annually from all over the world. The House of Bols offers visitors a spectacular interactive tour into the world of cocktails, the Dutch spirit genever, and the world’s oldest distilled spirits brand, Bols.

What to Expect

The House of Bols Tour is a perfect way to experience the art of cocktail-making and learn about traditional Dutch spirits. The one-hour self-guided tour, which includes an audio guide in six different languages, allows visitors to explore the House of Bols’ history and production process and culminates in the Mirror Bar, where they can relax and enjoy a cocktail of their choice.

Experience & Museum

The House of Bols Experience & Museum offers a unique and immersive experience that stimulates all senses and uncovers the secrets behind 42 Bols liqueurs and Bols Genevers.

Visitors can explore various rooms, including the ‘Art of Flavour’, ‘Hall of Taste’, ‘Extraction Room’, and ‘Genever Room’, to discover the history of Lucas Bols, the oldest distilled spirit brand in the world dating back to 1575.

KLM Houses

The miniature KLM Houses, produced by Lucas Bols, are filled with Bols Genever, a traditional Dutch spirit. They unite three century-old traditions of Dutch architecture, Delft Blue Pottery, and Bols Genever, making them a true representation of Dutch culture. Every year on KLM’s birthday, a new house is added to the collection, with over 100 houses now available to collect.

Each miniature KLM House depicts a Dutch building, and travellers are given a small card with each house that details the history and significance of the building. These houses are exclusively gifted to business class travellers on KLM intercontinental flights, making them a coveted collector’s item. Last year’s addition to the collection was the historic Tuschinski theatre in Amsterdam.

Mirror Bar

The Mirror Bar at the House of Bols provides visitors the perfect setting to unwind and indulge in a cocktail made with Bols liqueurs and genevers.

Take your time and enjoy the end of your tour in this unique atmosphere that stimulates all the senses, making it a memorable experience.

Virtual Tour of the House of Bols

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Book Tickets Online

Tickets to the House of Bols Experience can be purchased at the entrance. Prices varies between €16 and €21 depending on whether you purchase a premium ticket or a regular ticket.

For more details on Tickets & Ticket Prices, it is best to visit the House of Bols website.

Book Online via GetYourGuide

You can also book tickets for the House of Bols via GetYourGuide.

If you are planning to also visit other attractions in the area, keep an eye on specials, discounts and combination packages. 

Getting There

Use the Google Maps below to get directions for driving, public transit, walking, ride-sharing, cycling, flight, or motorcycle from your current location to the House of Bols. You can also use the map to explore the surrounding areas to find something interesting.

Contact Details

For general information about the House of Bols:
Telefoon: (020) 570 8575

Physical Adres:
House of Bols
Paulus Potterstraat 14
1071 CZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Opening Hours:
The bar closes 1 hour after last ticket sale.

  • Sunday – Thursday 13:00 to 18:30
  • Friday – Saturday 13:00 to 21:00

No amount of physical contact could match the healing powers of a well made cocktail.

~ David Sedaris
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