The Bandenboot in Amsterdam

The Bandenboot in Amsterdam is a captivating art installation constructed entirely out of discarded tires, representing the creative rebellion and environmental consciousness of artist Robert Jasper Grootveld.

Discover the Bandenboot art installation in Amsterdam, created by artist and activist Robert Jasper Grootveld. Learn about its captivating story and why it’s popular with locals and visitors alike.

Robert Jasper Grootveld, a Dutch artist born on 19 July 1932 in Amsterdam, was famous for his performances on the Spui in Amsterdam. His “happenings” were considered a precursor to the Provo movement, which he eventually became a part of.

The 225 tyres were numbered to ensure authenticity when reconstructed.

What To Expect

The Bandenboot is an art object from 1974 by Robert Jasper Grootveld in the Eastern Islands district of Amsterdam.

The municipality of Amsterdam commissioned a playground made up of 225 car tires held together by chains for children to enjoy. It was initially located at Wittenburg and later moved to a field at the Oostenburgerdwarsstraat and the Nieuwe Oostenburgerstraat, called “het Grootveld” at the time.

However, in 2008, the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority rejected it as a toy, partly leading to its removal in 2009.

At the beginning of October 2012, the Bandenboot was placed on poles in the water of the Wittenburgervaart, next to the Ezelsbrug at the Oostenburgerdwarsstraat.

Other Boats

Unfortunately, none of Grootveld’s other boats were successful. In the early 1970s, Grootveld was heavily involved in boat building.

He constructed his “Magic Ship”, also known as “Phrya”, using waste materials that he had gathered from the Eastern Islands and built in his own yard. Although the municipal cleaning service recognized the boat as an art piece, it was dismantled when the permanent staff was on vacation.

Another ship, “Tand des Tijds”, also made from waste, faced a ban from Mayor Wim Polak. Grootveld’s yard was deemed illegal, and everything had to be removed. The ship was supposed to be towed to Friesland but unfortunately capsized behind a tugboat near Marken.

Getting There

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