The Time we Visit the House of Mr Sax in Dinant

If you’re into music history, check out the House of Sax in Dinant. It’s all about Adolphe Sax, the guy who invented the saxophone. You’ll learn about Sax’s life and work and how he revolutionised the music world.

One of the first places we visit on our trip to Dinant is the House of Mr Sax. The House of Mr Sax is a magical place dedicated to the inventor of the saxophone, Mr. Adolphe Sax.


There is a peaceful bench located in front of Mr. Sax’s House in Dinant, adorned with a beautiful statue of the inventive genius himself. Sitting there, you’ll feel like you’re right next to the guy who invented the saxophone, an instrument that’s touched so many lives with its soulful sound.

Bench with Adolphe Sax

The statue is so inspiring, it really makes you appreciate the hard work and dedication it took to create such an iconic instrument. It’s a pretty humbling experience to sit there and reflect on all the incredible music that’s been made with the saxophone.

So, if you’re in the neighbourhood, definitely stop by this bench and take a moment to pay tribute to the amazing legacy of Mr. Sax.

We had a remarkable time visiting the House of Sax with my son, Wian, even though it wasn’t initially designed for kids. We took the opportunity to explore all the features of the saxophone and learn about Adolphe Sax’s story. Although the exhibits weren’t catered to children, Wian was enthusiastic and excited, which made the experience all the more enjoyable.

We used our imaginations to make it more engaging for him, allowing him to touch replicas of the saxophone and imitate its sounds playfully. Watching him soak in the history and music of the saxophone was a delight, and it became a memorable family moment that instilled a newfound appreciation for the world of Adolphe Sax in us.

Virtual Tour

It is possible for you to experience the House of Sax from the comfort of your house !!!!

With just a click on the image below, you are transported into the world of Adolphe Sax, where you can explore all the exhibits and delve into the fascinating history of the saxophone.

Click On Image

The interactive tour allows you to learn about Sax’s revolutionary musical and technical achievements, his ingenious inventions, and the challenges he faced during his eventful life.

The virtual tour truly brings the magic of the House of Mr. Sax to life, leaving you with a profound understanding of its historical significance in the world of music.

Getting There

If you are planning to visit the House of Sax in person, simply use Google Maps to find directions. Google Maps will provide you with the most convenient route to reach this captivating cultural centre.

You can also use the map to explore the surrounding areas to find something interesting.

Don’t play the saxophone. Let it play you.

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