The Top 10 Places for Apple Pie in Amsterdam

Indulging in a slice of apple pie is a must when exploring the charming streets of Amsterdam. From cosy cafes to hidden gems, discover the top places in the city where you can savour the finest apple pie, each bite offering a heavenly blend of flavours and a delightful taste of Dutch culinary excellence.

A good Dutch Apple Pie is characterised by its deep dish and a buttery crumb base that is more cake-like than pastry. The apple slices are typically flavoured with cinnamon, and sultanas are often added for extra sweetness. To enhance the dessert, it is common to serve it with a side of cream or ice cream. From cosy cafes tucked away in quiet streets to renowned pastry shops, this blog explores the top 10 places in Amsterdam where you can savour the city’s finest apple pies.

Let’s embark on a quest to discover the finest Apple Pie that Amsterdam has to offer!

Good apple pies are a considerable part of our domestic happiness.

~ Jane Austen

Winkel 43

Nestled in the heart of the charming Jordaan neighbourhood, Winkel 43 is housed in a beautiful, authentic Amsterdam corner building, conveniently located at the bustling Noordermarkt.

This cosy café welcomes visitors from early morning till late at night, offering a warm and inviting atmosphere. Whether summer or winter, you can bask in the sunlight on one of the sunniest terraces in Amsterdam while savouring a slice of their widely acclaimed apple pie, a must-try treat.

Winkel 43 also boasts a delightful lunch menu that changes monthly, ensuring various delicious options. In the evenings, you can unwind with a drink or indulge in their daily changing evening menu, featuring tasty and reasonably priced dishes.

On Mondays, the Noordermarkt transforms into a cloth market, while on Saturdays, it hosts a cosy farmers market, allowing visitors to explore and shop for organic products. Winkel 43 captures the essence of the Jordaan’s vibrant and welcoming spirit.

Contact Details:
Telefoon: +31 20 623 0223

Location: Noordermarkt 43, 1015 NA Amsterdam

Café ‘T Sluisje

Nestled on the picturesque Nieuwendammer harbour, Café ‘t Sluisje opened its doors in 1904, offering a warm and welcoming atmosphere to locals and visitors alike. The building is steeped in history, dating back to 1565 and ranking as one of the oldest structures in Nieuwendam.

For many years, it has served as a cherished café under the name ‘Het Amsterdamse Veerhuis’, contributing to the local community’s social fabric.

While this charming establishment offers a variety of delightful treats, it is particularly renowned for its Dutch Apple Pie. A delightfully sweet combination of apples, spices, and buttery crust makes for an authentic Dutch dessert experience!

With its rich history and tasty offerings, Café ‘t Sluisje embodies the essence of a classic Dutch brown café experience.

Contact Details:
Telefoon: +31 20 636 1712 

Location: Nieuwendammerdijk 297, 1025 LM, Amsterdam

De Laatste Kruimel

De Laatste Kruimel in Amsterdam is a fabulous spot for cake and coffee, offering a warm and inviting atmosphere that guarantees a delightful experience. However, this charming café offers much more than just its delectable cakes.

It’s equally fabulous for indulging in a breakfast platter filled with freshly baked bread, delightful cheeses, creamy yoghurt, and succulent fruits. And when lunchtime rolls around, their homemade quiche is simply irresistible.

But let’s talk about their Apple Cake – the slices are huge! Each mouthful is a burst of pure deliciousness, leaving you in awe of its unique flavour. Don’t forget to add a dollop of cream on the side and pair it with a steaming cup of tea for the perfect accompaniment.

De Laatste Kruimel is a haven for culinary delights that will leave you craving more.

Contact Details:
Telefoon: 020 423 0499

Location: Langebrugsteeg 4, 1012 GB Amsterdam

Café ‘T Papeneiland

Café ‘t Papeneiland, located on the corner of Prinsengracht and Brouwersgracht in Amsterdam, has a rich history dating back to 1642. This charming establishment gained global attention when former US President Bill Clinton paid a visit to savour their renowned homemade apple pie.

Standing on a plot that remained undeveloped until 1641, ‘t Papeneiland holds a fascinating secret. In the 17th century, a hidden Catholic church at number 7 on Prinsengracht was connected to the café through an underground tunnel.

To this day, the entrance to the tunnel can be found in the café’s basement. Indulging in their apple pie is an experience that truly showcases their exceptional culinary craftsmanship.

Contact Details:
Telefoon: 020 624 1989

Location: Prinsengracht 2, 1015 DV, Amsterdam

Back to Black

Back to Black, a hidden gem nestled in a tranquil street in the heart of Amsterdam, opened its doors in 2014 when Noortje and Inge embarked on their coffee journey. This small speciality coffee bar offers a haven for coffee enthusiasts, complemented by a delectable selection of homemade cakes.

But let’s talk about their Apple Pie … prepare to be amazed!

The slices are generously proportioned, guaranteeing a satisfying treat. Moreover, each portion is adorned with a dollop of homemade whipped cream, adding a touch of creamy perfection to the already delightful ensemble.

At Back to Black, their exceptional coffee and delicious Apple Pie create a sensory experience that will make you return for more.

Contact Details:
Telefoon: 020 771 8364

Location: Weteringstraat 48, 1017SP Amsterdam

Koffiehuis De Hoek

Koffiehuis De Hoek, established in 1954 when Amsterdam was filled with humble coffee houses, embodied the simplicity of starting the day with a sandwich and a cup of coffee, occasionally accompanied by something stronger. During those times, aesthetics took a backseat.

Despite the changing times and trends, this beloved café has held onto its traditional charm, providing a space where patrons can enjoy a moment of respite while experiencing the genuine essence of Amsterdam.

Their apple pie stands as a true testament to their unwavering dedication to culinary excellence. Indulging in a slice of their unparalleled apple pie is a heavenly experience, capturing the essence of their commitment to quality and taste.

Contact Details:
Telefoon: 020 625 3872

Location: Prinsengracht 341, 1016 PM Amsterdam

Patisserie Holtkamp

Nestled on the Vijzelgracht in Amsterdam, Patisserie Holtkamp has been a cherished pastry shop since 1969. Stepping inside this elegant establishment, adorned with art deco-style decor, one is transported to a realm of culinary delight.

While renowned for its array of traditional treats and delectable croquettes, it is its Apple Pie that truly steals the show. Each slice of Holtkamp’s Apple Pie is a testament to their mastery of pastry craftsmanship.

With a perfectly flaky crust, tender apple filling, and a delicate balance of flavours, it embodies the essence of culinary excellence. Patisserie Holtkamp has long been the go-to destination for those seeking a slice of Amsterdam’s finest Apple Pie.

Contact Details:
Telefoon: 020 624 8757

Location: Vijzelgracht 15, 1017 HM Amsterdam

Café Thijssen

Café Thijssen, situated in the historic Brouwersgracht since April 1990, holds a special place in Amsterdam’s heart as a cherished establishment in the once bustling Jordaan working-class neighbourhood.

Named after the magnificent statue crafted by Theo Thijssen (1979, Hans Bayens) proudly standing opposite the café, it embodies a sense of heritage and connection.

Amidst the charming ambience and lively atmosphere, Café Thijssen is renowned for its Homemade Apple Pie.

With every forkful, patrons are transported to a realm of sweet indulgence, savouring the perfect harmony of flavours, tender apples, and a buttery crust that is truly a delight for the senses.

Contact Details:
Telefoon: 020 623 8994 

Location: Brouwersgracht 107, 1015 GD Amsterdam

Patisserie Kuyt

Patisserie Kuyt was established in 1974 on Utrechtsestraat in Amsterdam. It gained a renowned reputation for its delectable Appelschnitt.

This exquisite pastry is a true delight, crafted with a perfect blend of apples, currants, raisins, almonds, and cinnamon. Each bite of this culinary masterpiece is a harmonious symphony of flavours, combining the sweetness of apples with the subtle tang of dried fruits, the delightful crunch of almonds, and the comforting warmth of cinnamon.

Patisserie Kuyt’s Appelschnitt is a testament to their unwavering commitment to creating exceptional pastries that leave an indelible impression on the taste buds of those fortunate enough to savour its perfection.

Contact Details:
E-mail: N/A
Telefoon: 020 623 4833

Location: Utrechtsestraat 109, 1017 VL, Amsterdam

De Koffieschenkerij

Nestled within the iconic De Oude Kerk in Amsterdam’s vibrant Red Light District, De Koffieschenkerij holds a unique charm as it resides within the city’s oldest building.

Stepping into the former sacristy of the church, visitors can indulge in the delights of good coffee, traditional cake, and wholesome lunch.

On sunny days, the idyllic city garden beckons, adorned with roses, grapes, quinces, and a kaleidoscope of tulips in the right season.

This oasis of tranquillity amidst the bustling streets of Amsterdam offers a serene retreat where one can savour their Homemade Apple Pie. This irresistible treat perfectly embodies the essence of this remarkable place.

Contact Details:
E-mail: N/A
Telefoon: 065 265 3302

Location: Oudekerksplein 27, 1012 GX, Amsterdam

I’ve read hundreds of cookbooks. Most of those cookbooks don’t even tell you how to get a steak ready, how to bake biscuits or an apple pie.

~Colonel Sanders
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