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Amsterdam has an air of mystery that is represented by “The Unknown Sculptor”, an anonymous artist who secretly gifted the city with unique sculptures during the 1980s and 90s. This invisible benefactor set up six artworks under cover of darkness, each more detailed than the previous, giving Amsterdam a cultural charm treasure hunt.

“Man with Violin Case”, a remarkably detailed piece portraying a musician in mid-stride, is hidden in plain sight near a popular music venue, often overlooked by the bustling crowd. “The Little Woodcutter”, an endearing sculpture of a child huddled with an oversized axe, subtly captures the spirit of the Dutch past amidst a green haven in the city. “The Breast Plate”, a strikingly abstract work, sits in the heart of the Art District, playing with shadows and reflections.

Each of these artworks is a snapshot of the city’s soul, quietly breathing life into forgotten corners of the city. As silent reminders of Amsterdam’s love for the arts, these mysterious sculptures continue to invite curiosity, wonder, and the joy of discovery from locals and tourists alike.

The Breast Plate in Amsterdam

In the heart of Amsterdam's bustling Red Light District, you'll stumble upon The Breast Plate, a quirky bronze piece by the mysterious Unknown Sculptor that winks at you from the sidewalk, its strange, shadow-play contours sparking curiosity, conversation, and countless Instagram-worthy moments.

The Little Woodcutter in Amsterdam

Located in the serene atmosphere of Leidsebosje, the Little Woodcutter sculpture, created by an unknown artist, captivates tourists with its understated appearance and encourages reflection on the harmonious connection between nature and art in the center of Amsterdam.